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Click here to View Video of the Project (33 second Flash Video with sound), developed in 2008

Floating Drawings is a project that enables me to dynamically present some of my hundreds of digital drawings via a responsive sculptural controller. The work includes an interactive Flash animation projection that is controlled by an Arduino board mounted inside of a rocking sculptural form with four pushbuttons attached to it. When you stand on and rock the sculpture, you control a drawing object in the Flash animation projection, adjusting its position by leaning left, right, forward or back. When you direct a drawing to hit a boundary of the screen, a new one randomly replaces the previous one. Each drawing object has its own unique sound.

Below is a Flash interactive work that is controlled by using the left, right, up and down arrows on the keyboard. The actual work is the same except that it is a video projection controlled by rocking the sculpture.
Important note: You must click on the Flash work to have it start registering keyboard messages.

Floating Drawings 1
Click the drawing to start, then press or hold down the arrow keys to control motion.

The following link shows a more extensive exploration of the drawings as a basic game.

Floating Drawing Extended Game Sequence (3.1 MB download, be patient)

This link shows digital drawings that include the elements included in each game module (board, pieces, border images).

Game Composite Drawings

Another basic variation of the original

Floating Drawings 2

Rowing Home

Concept Animation (1.7 MB download)

Project Budget and Timeline


Work Samples

Rowing Mini Golf Art Croquet Floating Sculpture Floating Symbols

Rowing through the Subconscious

Mini-Golf -
Winter in Summer
Ice-Fishing House

Art Croquet
and Winter

Floating Drawings Sculpture/Video Interactive Work

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