Seed Pod Revisions
Addendum to Bill Gorcica's Warner Lake Public Art Proposal



Since the Art Board's last request for information about my project, I have continued to do more extensive research and have put even more thought into what the best solution would be for Warner Lake. It is my intention to build the project in increments over the course of two years.

Clarification on the smartphone application
It appears that the most useful function of a smartphone application will be to access information about different ecological zones in the Warner Lake reforestation plot. Rather than developing a complicated and expensive solution for sending and receiving information via the Internet, I have decided that a QR Code Reader application will provide an easy-to-use method for connecting to a set of web pages about different locations in the tract of land.

Details of the method
A set of four wooden posts in different zones will be carved referencing the textures and forms associated with the prairie flowers and trees planted in the area. Each post will be mounted with a different QR Code which, when scanned with a smartphone, will launch a unique web page with information about the zone. The web pages will include text, images and audio tracks describing aspects of the environment such as information about planted species as well as soil and water quality issues associated with the place.

Some suggestions offered by the urban conservationist I am working with as topics for the four stops could be:
- Native plants/benefits
- Significance of the Mississippi River
- Wildlife of the area (birds, bugs and so forth)/Citizen monitoring
- Things people can do to protect the water quality of the Mississippi River

Clarification of the park bench
The design of the bench will incorporate the form and textures of at least one species of prairie flower being planted in this new addition to Warner Lake County Park. It will be constructed of wood, cedar and white oak, with carved elements to give it an organic feel. Some metal ornamentation will be attached to the bench in places. For example, the armrests will be mounted with bronze seed pod forms, providing visitors with the opportunity to feel the shape and texture of the small seeds planted in the field in front of the bench. The motif of the purple coneflower is repeated in a number of places on and around the bench. Poured color concrete will form the petals amidst aggregate pebbles while ornamental flower forms will sit atop the corner posts of the bench. Additional decorative carving associated with the folk art of southern Poland will also be incorporated into the design.

Interpretive Signage
Adjacent to the bench will be a basic kiosk with an interpretive outdoor sign providing visitors with information about the species that were planted on the land and how they assist in preserving water quality for Warner Lake. The sign will be framed in carved wood that matches the designs in the posts and bench to tie all elements together. A small sign will also be created for the highly-trafficked area near the beach informing people of the art project.

As mentioned above, each element of the project (bench, kiosk, QR code posts) will have artistically carved features so that the entire set works together as a whole. These carved forms and marks will also specifically reference the place they are in.