Warner Lake Seed Pod Citizen Scientist Public Art Project

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Construct a set of sculptural seed pod forms based on one of those that are being planted as part of the prairie restoration near Warner Lake. This may be designed with a hinged edge so that the seed could be opened and would be about width of an open book. Its contents would reveal something about the plant and prairie project but also would prompt people to record observations about their locations and upload this material to a website that could be populated with data as the prairie grows.

In its current plan, the project could be built in three stages:
1. the physical seed form sculptures with interior messages mounted on platforms for use in the landscape
2. the development of a website that could receive data and create a record and visualization of the collected material
3. a game world simulation of the landscape past, present and future that people could view online as an elaborate visualization of the actual place

Summary of Final Report from a Planning Grant from the Central Minnesota Arts Board funded through the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment in Minnesota

seed pod concept

Initial Concept Sketch for Project

Models for Coneflower Seed magnified 100x original (which is 2mm)

Warner Lake Map

Map of the Southeast Corner of Warner Lake County Park Showing the Planted Prairie Restoration Area (identified as "Reforestation")

Overview Map of Warner Lake County Park

Google Map of Warner Lake County Park

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