Interactive Software and Illustrations for Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

interface design

Above: Screen grab of one configuration of the interface design at Eloise Butler

Click on the image above to try out the interactive version.

Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board offered a commission to design a set of illustrations and an interactive kiosk that generates customized postcards.
The work was designed in Flash using ActionScript. The custom software was developed to produce a drag-and-drop interface of the garden's local flora and fauna.

Eloise Butler Path

One of an assortment of paths through the wildflower garden

Crone shelter

The Crone Shelter which houses the kiosk

Visit the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden website


The kiosk in operation in the Nature Center

Click Here to View Video of Prototype Software in Operation and the Printing Process

wild ginger

One species from the garden

Below: A few sample designs generated at the kiosk


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